Utvalda viner – Wine 4 Life

Viner av hög kvalitet, utvalda med omsorg och respekt, för både människa och jord.
Och livet.
Wine4Life (W4L) står för en sund och medveten produktionskedja från början till slut.
Vinerna kommer från familjeägda vingårdar som värnar biologisk mångfald och naturlig miljö. Här plockas utvalda druvor för hand.
Framställningen sker traditionellt utan konstgödsel och onödiga tillsatser eller sulfiter. Ansvarsfull produktion och hög kvalitet för utmärkt smak.

We have chosen to make a special part of our company. “Wine 4 Life”.

In this line were we sell exclusive wines with a signum that we take the environmental responsibility seriously for the products we sell and choose producers who share our value base, all to make it easier for our consumers who shall feel safe with their choice. We therefore seek small producers with the best conditions where the microclimate and vineyards exposure is optimal and provides the prerequisites for producing premium wines with no or few additives.

Wine 4 Life! The focus on Varbergs Vingrossist is wine of really good quality, where consideration, respect for both man and the environment permeates the product. Our customers should be confident that we will do our best! Our cooperation is with producers whose idea of wine making complies with our philosophy. Certified or not. Our guidelines cover everything from good working conditions for the staff to how the plants are managed where biodiversity and the natural environment are protected where herbs, flowers, birds and insects have their place, natural fertilization, sexual confusion rather than pesticides, minimal or no sulphites, harvesting by hand, vinification without chemical additives, which yeast, clay method, filtering, glass and cork selection, certified eko shipping and how we handle waste like glass and packaging in Sweden. Important for us is what our customers consume!

High quality wines.
Selected with care and respect for both human and environment.
And Life!