Våra producenter

Varbergs Vingrossist väljer sina producenter med omsorg. Här låter vi några av dem själva presentera sig.

Santa Maria La Nave

Etna, Sicilien, Italien

It started in 1954, when our grandfather, Giuseppe Mulone moved to Catania. He found his first work on Mount Etna. He was simply fascinated by the fertility of the volcanic soil, by the lushness of the vine varieties and by the magnificence of the grapes. That’s the soul of our project, SantaMariaLaNave: to pass on this vision from the old to the new generations, safeguarding the precious viticultural heritage of our beloved Mount Etna during the centuries. Our passion and our interest for the ancient local vine varieties of Mount Etna have grown during the years, so much that we reached the wildest and most extreme areas of the volcano looking for ancient pre-phylloxera vines, completely abandoned and at risk of extinction. Our mission at SantaMariaLaNave is to bring these amazing gardens back to their original magnificence, in order to make wines of excellence that fully express this precious extreme terroir.



La Morra, Piemonte, Italien

Our viticulture is traditional with some sign of modernity.
The prunings are short and yields per hectare are very low, often obtained with 2 or 3 thinnings. The vineyard management follows the rules of the integrated agriculture, which limits the contribution of synthetic products preferring machining and control methods with low environmental impact. Our wines interpret grapes to bring out the most authentic essence.
They are the indissoluble bond that unites our family to these fantastic hills.



Diano d’Alba, Piemonte, Italien

In Camparo’s wines you can sense all the aroma, body and character of the Langhe, and of a land farmed with passion and understanding, following the directions that only nature can provide.
Camparo have been dedicated to wine-growing for three generations, and they do it with passion, following a production philosophy that has always been founded on the values of natural management of the soil and the uncompromising wholesomeness of the winemaking process.In the year 2000 Mauro harnessed these intrinsic values by taking the major step of obtaining “organic farming” certification and becoming one of the first in the Langhe to opt for this production philosophy.


Tenuta Chiccheri

Tregnago, Veneto, Italien

Tenuta Chiccheri vineyards are on the gentle slopes of the Val d’Illasi, between Lake Garda and the Lessini Mountains, a generous and rich land where grapes for Valpolicella DOC wines, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes grow. The microclimate of this area, the south, south-east exposure of vineyards, the altitude, the temperature variation between night and day and the extremely calcareous soil are integral for making premium wines.



Arezzo, Toscana, Italien

Tuscany is the Italian region were wine tradition fully succeeds in keeping its continuity. It is located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the northern part of the Apennines, and it boasts its typical continental weather that enables our vineyards to express their personality at their best. Sangiovese is the most important native vine and we use it to produce great wines, which are representative of this land.
Our vineyards are deeply rooted in rocky hills between 400 and 600 meters above sea level and their exposure is mostly oriented to the South. We look after them very carefully and, thanks to the high density of our plantings (6000-8000 plants per Ha), we can guarantee excellent grapes. Each vineyard of Camperchi owns a peculiar personality, which lends unique features to our wines: this is why we decided to give them names.
In our wine cellar, the great Tuscan tradition, represented by wooden conical vats, is perfectly melded with the most modern production technologies of the stainless steel tanks.
In Camperchi we do our best to respect nature. We harvest our grapes manually and we use only non-invasive methods of production.



Canale, Piemonte, Italien

Ours, is a family of vine growers since late ‘800s, when our great-great grandfather produced the first bottles of Nebbiolo and Barbera in his farmstead located in the fraction I Lioni in Canale.
In 1953 our grandfather Carlo, known as Carlin, with his wife Catterina, decided to establish his winery in Canale, in the heart of Roero region, continuing his family tradition, with a glimpse to the Langa of Barolo.
Since 2017 our production is certified organic and in 2018 we were awarded for our commitment in preserving the environment.
The territory: The two Tanaro banks differ in their geological origins, which affects the properties of the produced wines.
Roero has an alluvial soil originated by the Pliocene, characterized by sandstone, a rock made of sand and limestone. This soft and mineral-rich soil is perfect for whites and reds, producing fragrant, complex yet very elegant wines.
The Langhe, of the more ancient Miocene origin, are characterized by a more compact soil, made up of clays and marls. This is particularly well suited for producing full-bodied red wines in the Barolo area.


Cantinaca dei Conti

Tregnago, Veneto, Italien

In Tregnago, in Val d’Illasi, in the DOC Valpollicella territory, the Rancan family has been living and working the land for hundreds of years. The brothers Renzo and Loredana decided to continue the family tradition and in 2007 the Azienda Agricola Cà dei Conti was founded.
The constant effort is to make an ”easy” and enjoyable ”drinkable wine”, as an accompaniment to a good dinner, but also as a companion for an evening with friends. Great territory, extreme technique in the vineyard and in the cellar. But above all a lot of passion.
Save water – drink wine


Corte Fornaledo

Verona, Veneto, Italien

In the municipality of Marano, in a secluded place, just above the ancient settlement of Purano and connected by a very short stretch of road, lies the Court of Fornaledo , a very ancient toponym but still preserved in the current title of the cellar in question.
The court is isolated from the district of Purano and enjoys a splendid view of the entire valley and the offshoots of Mount Pastello, being Purano, even in the Municipality of Marano, located on the eastern side of the catchment area of ​​the Progni valley, the most engraved and the most panoramically spectacular of the three valleys of Valpolicella.



Tregnago, Veneto, Italien

The goal of the project Garbole is undoubtedly ambitious: not only produce the best Italian wines , the best recioto wine, the best amarone wine, but it is especially affirm the brand Garbole also through the production of wines ” Garbole ” free wines from conditioning of production rules .
Create excellent wines without compromise , the challenge Garbole.
Autonomy and creative freedom the founding values​​.


Diego Morra

Verduno, Piemonte, Italien

For Diego Morra, passion for the earth and for winemaking aren’t enough. To these values, the winery has added courage, the ability to make the correct selection and a continuous search for improvement.
The courage to remain hard-to-please and to continue to move forward towards new goals, choosing the plots that, for tradition and vocation, are best suited to express the different characteristics of the wines we cultivate. We pay close attention to expand our property only in the most prestigious zones.
We research and value the typicality of our hillsides, respecting the territory and its peculiarities with a daily commitment seen in our simple actions and continuous innovations. Every wine expresses the singular vineyard it comes from, the grape it gets its origins from and our ideas.



Montalcino, Toscana, Italien

From selected grapes – Our quality wines
Our most important vineyards extend over the southwest side of Montalcino at an altitude of about 250 meters. From this location, they are exposed to the sun for the entire length of the day and are likewise protected from the cold northern winds. At this average altitude, the grapes acquire the maximum expression of their fragrance and ripening. The land, rich in stone, guarantees excellent permeability and consequent drainage of rainwater.
The Brunelli family follows every phase of its production from the vinification to the ageing process with great passion, a guarantee of its quality and authenticity.


San Luciano

Arezzo,Toscana, Italien

Tenuta San Luciano and its village have distant origins.
An extraordinarily fertile land, the products of which were already very well known in ancient times along the way which was to become the Roman Cassia road.
The vineyards, all planted on the same piece of land, have a privileged southern exposure with hillsides with a special type of earch mixture and which are excellently ventilated, situated at an altitude of 300/330 metres above sea level.
Today these vineyards cover an area of about 60 hectares with species of grapevines such as Sangiovese , Merlotand Cabernet for red wines and Trebbiano, Chardonnay, Grechetto and Vermentino for withe wines. These species of grapevines make it possible to improve and structure the wines produced, always keeping in mind the characteristics and tipes of the great Tuscany wines.
Wine making, in fact, is effected at controlled temperature: there are special cellars where wines are let mature in French oak casks and controlled temperature cellars where this process is completed in bottles.



Francavilla Bisio, Piemonte, Italien

The Molinetto Carrea Winery is an oenologic jewel in Gavi area, with 7 hectares of vineyard planted with the Cortese grape. Situated in Francavilla Bisio and Tassarolo, where the Piedmontese hills meet the sea breeze, Molinetto Carrea bases its production in the prestigious Gavi DOCG. This fragrant white wine is soft, fruity, and elegant, and is made from 100% Cortese grapes.
The Molinetto Winery is today managed by the youngest son, Diego Carrea. His choice to work in the winery speaks of his love for the land that daily strengthens the ties to the winery’s founders and renews the agricultural traditions of lower Piedmont.
The company is part of the prestigious Consortium of Gavi, which certifies the quality, reliability and transparency in the production process.


Pasquale Pelissero

Neive, Piemonte, Italien

”Cascina Crosa”, our farm was purchased by our family in 1921. It is an historic property, then and now, located in the heart of Neive’s best vineyards.
My father, Pasquale loved deeply his vineyards and his work in the cellar. He’s one of the first wineries in Neive to make the leap to focasing on quality rather than bulk wine prodution, very common in those days. His first vintage to be bottled was a 1971 Barbaresco.
We base our work on the belief that great wine can only be made in the vineyard, therefore we invest an enormous amount of time tending to our vines, by hand, one vine at a time, this is why we only make wine from our own grapes.
Seeing people enjoy our wines in markets around the world fuels our passion for our work.


Domaine Charles Baur

Eguisheim, Alsace, Frankrike

Our Estate is located in the heart of the Alsace vineyards, in the beautiful village of Eguisheim where the Baur family cultivates 18 hectares of vines. Our terroirs, our passion and our desire for excellence enable us to offer you exceptional wines every year.
Situated in Eguisheim, 5 kilometres south of Colmar and in the heart of the Alsace wine region, the Domaine Charles Baur comprises 18 hectares of vines on the hillsides surrounding the village. Several of our parcels carry the distinction of being “Grand Crus” including those of Brand, Eichberg and Pfersigberg.
To produce wines of the highest possible quality, we focus on yields of low volume. To this end, all the grapes used in the production of our wines are grown by us on the estate and are then harvested and sorted by hand.
The Domaine Charles Baur produces a complete range of Alsace wines together with a large variety of Grands Crus and sparkling Crémants d’Alsace. We also produce “eaux de vie” with fruit harvested on the estate.


Champagne Chauvet

Tours-sur-Marne, Champagne, Frankrike

Only the two most noble grape varieties of Champagne are grown at Champagne Chauvet: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Rooted in the most beautiful terroirs, they offer us grapes with precise characteristics, well differentiated in each of our grands crus. Here is the origin of the beautiful complexity of our cuvées, there lies our first pride.


Champagne Delavenne

Bouzy, Champagne, Frankrike

We are delighted to present our family estate – our expertise is being passed down from generation to generation, four of them now, always in keeping with the traditions of the Champagne region and the values of our family estate.
We are aware of environmental issues and wish to preserve the quality of our land which will be handed down to our children.
This is why we opted for integrated agriculture, taking it further whenever possible, treating the protection of the environment with the utmost respect.
Our objective is to produce high quality champagne which will win your heart year after year.


La Grande Sieste

Aniane, Languedoc – Roussillon, Frankrike

Situated 30km from Montpellier on the Aniane territory and on terraces du Larzac, the Domaine de la Grande Sieste is a winery owned and managed by Leticia and Boris LECLERCQ.
Currently undergoing the “organic“ certification (the 2019 harvest will be “organic” certified), the vines are treated with total respect for the environment.
La Grande Sieste is a great wine as it accompanies great moments.
Share it amongst friends and make the most of its magic through to a well earned and welcome sieste.